Portable. Professional.
Rugged. Affordable.

Whether you’re a farmer or a fabricator, an auto-body shop or a backyard mechanic, the MIG 2000 will help you get the job done! It’s a portable wire welder designed for use with industrial 240 volt input power, so you can weld on thicker material – up to 3/16 in. with MIG welding.

Features :

  • Provides a smooth, spatter-free start. It’s the best-starting machine in the small MIG machine category.
  • Voltage control gives you the flexibility to manually set the machine when welding aluminum, stainless steel, or anytime you want to set your own parameters on mild steel.
  • Thermal overload protection with indicator light helps prevent machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.
  • Inverter-based, DC power source has a simple-to-use operator interface providing only the necessary controls in a compact machine.


Processes :

Stick (SMAW)

Included :

MIG 2000 Machine Only Includes:

  • MIG 2000
  • 3M MB15 MIG TORCH.
  • 3M work cable and clamp.
  • CO2 regulator


Quick Specs

Light Industrial Applications
Maintenance Repair  
Metal Fabrication 
Farm / Autobody
Light Industrial


MODEL MIG 2000  
Power Voltage 1 Phase AC240V ±15%
Input Current
Output Current
MIG: 30-200A
MMA: 30-160A
Output Voltage
Duty Cycle
Dimensions D460×H480×W200MM
Wire Feed Speed 1.5-14m/min

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