MIG 3200

Portable. Professional.
Rugged. Affordable.

The MIG 3200 is a new design release, 415 volts, and low consumption of 13.6kVA (max). The design of the compact unit is suited for middle or heavy fabrication, automotive industries, furniture industries, maintenance workshops, and others.

Features :

  • 36 Steps of fine welding voltage selection
  • Continuous, spot and stitch welding selection
  • Standard compliant bu
  • ilt in with overload protection
  • Higher duty cycle up to 40%
  • IP23 insulation rating for outdoor use

Technical Data

MODEL MIG3200      
Main Voltage 3~415V ±10% Feeding mechanism MWF
Connection capacity 13.6kVA 2-roll drive
Open circuit voltage 17V-36V Wire reel Ø/kg up to 300mm/18kg
Voltage settings 36 Wire dia. 0.6-1.2mm
Current range, min. 45A/16V Wire speed 2-15m/min
Current range, max. 320A/30V Spot time 0.15-2.5s
Duty cycle 40% 320A/30V Stitch time 0.15-2.5s
Duty cycle 60% 265A/27.3V Dimensions LxWxH 800x340x690mm
Duty cycle 100% 205A/24.3V Dimensions LxWxH, F 800x340x1065mm
    Total Weight 75 kg
    Total Weight, F 93 kg