MIG 2200F

The MIG 2200F is a new design release, 230 volts, and low consumption of 6.5kVA (max). The design of a compact unit or external wire feeder extension is suited for light fabrication, automotive service, maintenance workshops, and others.

Features :

  • 8 Steps of fine welding voltage selection
  • Continuous, spot and stitch welding selection
  • Standard compliant built in with overload protection
  • Higher duty cycle up to 40%

Technical Data

MODEL MIG2200F      
Main Voltage 1~230V ±10% Feeding mechanism MWF
Connection capacity 6.5kVA 2-roll drive
Open circuit voltage 19V-40V Wire reel Ø/kg up to 300mm/18kg
Voltage settings 8 Wire dia. 0.6-1.2mm
Current range, min. 45A/16V Wire speed 2-15m/min
Current range, max. 220A/25V Spot time 0.15-2.5s
Duty cycle 40% 220A/25V Stitch time 0.15-2.5s
Duty cycle 60% 180A/23V Dimensions LxWxH 800x340x690mm
Duty cycle 100% 140A/21V Dimensions LxWxH, F 800x340x1065mm
    Total Weight 64.5 kg
    Total Weight, F 77.5 kg